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Eddie Keher


Eddie Keher

Eddie Keher

Eddie Keher

Kilkenny's pre-eminence in hurling over the last 50 years - with 20 All-Ireland titles (their nearest rivals, Cork, have 11 in the same period) - is acknowledged in these pages with three of their heroes making our list of 50 sports stars.

First up is Eddie Keher from Inistogue, a scoring machine if ever there was one.

The first of his six All-Ireland medals came in 1963, when he scored 0-14 of his side's 4-17 in the win over Waterford.

In the decade under consideration here, he added four more All-Ireland medals (67, 69, 72, 74), as well as four All-Stars (71, 72, 73, 74).

Another All-Ireland medal and All-Star award followed in 1975.

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