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Ultra-addictive NFL RedZone is Sunday Game and Match of the Day on steroids

I'm pretty sure the American Football NFL RedZone channel was invented by Satan.

For those unfamiliar, RedZone essentially compresses the various NFL games taking place on a Sunday into a constant, almost-live highlights reel.

For those invested in either fantasy NFL or gambling, RedZone is the televisual equivalent of that blue stuff that Walter White once concocted.

I flicked on RedZone around dinner time on Sunday evening. I had no plans, two bets made, three fantasy teams to monitor, and seven hours of pigskin bliss stretching out in front of me. Or so it seemed.

The concept of watching a game because you support a team seems pretty antiquated in this day and age. Watching Redzone is the pinnacle of sports atheism.

There's nothing to cheer for but more points. The action is so frenetic, it's impossible to get a feel for any particular game, but it's also impossible to stop watching as the action is so propulsive.

After two hours, all three of my fantasy teams were being trounced. But I stuck it out until an unlikely 1.0am interception return for a touchdown by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put a bullet in my slim fantasy hopes and betting ambitions.

I presume I'll be back in the RedZone next Sunday, wondering why.


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