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This one-handed golfer (14) from Donegal proves you should never give up

Edward O'Reilly, a 14-year-old boy from Donegal, dreams of playing golf in the Paralympic Games. He was born with a birth defect which left him without his left hand but that doesn't hold him back.

Edward has been playing golf since he was six-years-old. His coach, Seamus McMonagle, developed a technique which allowed Edward to play golf despite his disability.

"I got Edward to use his the end of his arm to cock the club on the way back keeping his elbows close to his body so his arm wouldn't come off the club - then to uncock the club really early on the follow though so he would be able to release it and get through the ball."

Seamus told Independent.ie "It took a few years of training and development but he's no different to any other kid on the course. He always has a smile on his face. He trains every weekend but he'd be out there every day if he could. He's a natural."

The video was posted on the Seamus McMonagle Golf Club Facebook page earlier this week and the response has been huge.

"Edward would love to eventually play golf in the Paralympic Games but unfortunately golf isn't on the programme. We're hoping this video will change that," Seamus said.

Edward is a natural athlete and plays Gaelic football and soccer, as well as golf. He won the Junior Golf competition last weekend, beating the other players by four shots.

"Nothing holds him back. He's really talented. I wouldn't have put that video up if I didn't believe in him."

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