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Sport Ireland announce government funding of €5.8m allocated to FAI with €2.4m to GAA and €2.25m for IRFU 


Sport Ireland have announced that the government is to pump €5.8m into the FAI this year.

The funding is part of the rescue package agreed in the wake of the FAI's financial meltdown.

According to a statement from Sport Ireland it is earmarked for the FAi's development programmes but will require final approval from the Board of Sport Ireland before being paid.

In the round of funding announced today the GAA will receive €2,389,653 while the IRFU will get €2,250,843. These grants support coaching, games development and technical development programmes in the two organisations.

They are separate from the payments made by the government to alleviate the drop in income which both organisations suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Overall Sport Ireland are investing €40 million in sport this year with funding for National Government bodies, High Performance athlete support and Local Sports partnerships.

The funding of €13.8m for National Government bodies is maintained from 2020. “This funding, in addition to the recently allocated Covid-19 grant scheme, will provide stability and certainty to the organisations throughout 2021,” according to a statement from Sport Ireland.

High Performance programme funding will also be maintained for 2021 at €8.5m. Sport Ireland has pledged to provide support this year to address the immediate and confirmed costs to high performance programmes in respect of the rescheduled Olympic and Paralympic Games according to the statement.

The investment in high performance sport is bolstered by the allocation of €2.68m through the international carding system which will provide support to 130 athletes and six Tokyo relays squads across 16 sports.

“The primary purpose of this funding is to support Irish athletes in reaching finals and achieving medals at European, World, Olympic and Paralympic level. The level of funding on this scheme has increased from €2.4 million in 2020. The International Carding Scheme has been amended to account for the challenges faced by athletes and NGBs as a result of Covid-19," according to the statement.

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