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Zlatan Ibrahimovic told to get out of France


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been told to leave France by Front National leader Marine Le Pen after his comments following PSG's 3-2 loss at Bordeaux, when he was heard saying France was a "s*** country".

Picked up by broadcasters Canal+ TV, the Swedish striker said in English after the game: "In 15 years I've never seen a [good] referee in this s*** country ... they don't even deserve PSG."

The French football league have since launched an inquiry into the remark, and Ibrahimovic has apologised but Le Pen hit back on French radio today: "Those who consider that France is a s*** country can leave it."

Jerome Guedj from the Socialist party described the remarks as “unacceptable” and added: “Let him play football and shut up, or at least be respectful of this country, the football supporters who were also insulted.”

French sports minister Patrick Kanner called on the 33-year-old Swede to apologise, telling him "disappointment did not justify his offensive comments".

He later called Ibrahimovic a "great champion" after the player wrote on his Instagram account: "Regarding my comments after tonight's game; they were not against France or the French people.

"I spoke about football. I lost the game, I accept that but I can't accept when the referee doesn't follow the rules. It's not the first time and I'm sick of it.

"My sincere apologies if anyone was offended or took it the wrong way."

Ibrahimovic's outburst comes less than a week after he accused Chelsea's players of acting like "babies" after he was sent off in his side's Champions League victory over the Blues.

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