Saturday 20 January 2018

World Cup Diary: Sarkozy's Bertie homage breaking and entering

Daniel McDonnell

Daniel McDonnell

They may already be back home, but the French are still making headlines in South Africa with general bemusement regarding Thierry Henry's vanity summit with Nicolas Sarkozy.

FIFA were asked for their opinion on this matter, considering they have taken a strong line in the past on government intervention in football affairs in Iran and Kenya -- although in those cases, the ruling party were taking a slightly a more forceful role in team affairs.

Still, it would be no harm if the governing authorities took a strong line on shameless, ego-driven political interference in sport -- particularly in countries where, as recently as the last decade, the state broadcaster has allowed the current leader to appear on a flagship highlights programme as an analyst. Apparently the same leader tried to get involved in his own country's World Cup dispute, and was even awarded a newspaper column on sporting matters for reasons undetermined. What kind of twisted, backward country would do such a thing?

breaking and entering

People in Port Elizabeth, the city that hosted England's win over Slovenia, regard themselves as laid back. Perhaps a little too laid back. Certainly, the taxi companies take a liberal approach to time-keeping.

Like the guy encountered by the Irish Independent who revelled in turning up for appointments half an hour late without as much as an apology and then took a relaxed attitude to locking himself out of a vehicle badly in need of an NCT. Apparently, this happens often.

So he jimmied around with the boot a bit and managed to break it open, climb in, squeeze over the back seat and unlock the door that way.

Amusing in normal circumstances, but not when there's a plane to catch.

Irish Independent

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