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Video: Deafblind Brazil fan watches World Cup on specially made football pitch built by his friends

Prepare to have your heart warmed, because as you will discover in this video (which might be my favourite internet video ever of all time) this deafblind Brazilian football fan is able to experience the World Cup in real time thanks to the specially made football pitch that his friends built for him.

Deafblindness is the condition of little or no useful sight and little or no useful hearing.[

Unable to actually see or hear the game, Carlos is able to experience it instead by having his hands moved around the pitch by his friend, who replicates player positions and actions on the pitch, communicating with hand movements throughout.

The pitch is made out of wood, felt and other things and has raised lines to indicate the layout of the pitch. If you want to just skip to the best bit it’s on the 10 minute mark when Brazil score and he celebrates with everyone else in the room.

This video should make you happy.

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