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Luis Suarez bite was a cry for help, says Paul McGrath


Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath said he has nothing but sympathy for Luis Suarez after the Liverpool ace's exit from the World Cup in disgrace.

McGrath was speaking to Brendan O’Carrol who hosted the  Marian Finucane show on RTE Radio this morning.

The former Ireland captain was firmly of the opinion “the man needs help” as speculation mounts about the player's future at Liverpool.

McGrath said that biting is not something that is commonplace within soccer: “I’ve never seen that done on the pitch, not least three times” and was certain the incident was a “cry for help”.

He talked about the how football is the whole life of the Uruguan player and that the “red mist” descends “when he doesn’t get his own way on the pitch”.

The two men talked about Suarez’s early life and what it is that makes him behave in this way; “I think there is more to his early life than is brought out” said McGrath while O’Carroll speculated that Suarez “genuinely believes the wealth will disappear if he doesn’t keep doing what he does best, which is scoring goals”.

McGrath is no stranger to living life to the full and said that soccer can be a pernicious business. He said that for many clubs players living it up is acceptable “as long as you play a decent game they will let you do it”. But he did caution that it can be a hard line to walk; “once you step out of line the whole football world turns on you”.

McGrath was filled with sympathy for Suarez saying that seeing him heading home in the airport “was sad for me” and cautioned that amid all the twitter jokes its important to remember that “he [Suarez] will be hurting the most”.

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