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Sunday 22 September 2019

'What a kind-hearted soul you are' - Seamus Coleman's donates €3,000 to a young fan ahead of his operation

Ireland captain Seamus Coleman (Mike Egerton/PA)
Ireland captain Seamus Coleman (Mike Egerton/PA)
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Republic of Ireland captain Seamus Coleman has donated €3,000 to a fund raising money for Jason Hanlon and sent him a message of good luck ahead of an operation on Tuesday.

Jason, 26, from Donegal, suffers from severe scoliosis and his brother started a GoFundMe page in a bid to raise €10,000 to help to pay for his ongoing care, with this message posted on the page:

"Jason was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2009 (9 years ago) however within the last 2 years his pain has increased enormously. His scoliosis has progressed rapidly and is now crushing down on his organs. Jason is in constant excruciating  pain 24/7- as he is non-verbal he communicates by different methods such as self harm, (head banging, biting himself).

"He is in constant pain, every night and day and my family and I have to sit at Jason’s bedside ensuring that we can help soothe his pain in any way possible. Which involves sitting talking to him, to try and distract him from the pain. However, it has now come to the point that no distraction method, no medication and no amount of people can help his uncontrollable pain.

"To sit and watch my brother scream 24/7 with tears streaming down his wee face is unbearable for my family and I. It is very difficult not being able to explain to him what is happening to his own body as you can imagine.

"My family and I, started a campaign on social media fighting for a date from the health system and thankfully it has been a huge success as Jason now goes for his vital operation on the 13th of November this year 2018.

"We can only hope that this operation may help Jason and that his suffering eases. We are a family who is willing to fight every step of the way for him. We will never stop fighting his corner, and as a family we will be his voice.

"As Jason requires this urgent life saving operation, he requires an extreme amount of aftercare as he is a complex case. Jason will need specialised equipment. Financially this is an ongoing strain as Jasons allowance doesn’t even cover his day to day care."

Donegal Daily report Coleman has also donated a pair of boots that will be auctioned off and the Hanlon family posted this message on Facebook to thank him for his contribution to their cause:

Seamus Coleman.jpg

Coleman's contribution has raised the profile of Jason's battle and follows on from the Everton player's contribution to the fund raising money for Liverpool fan Sean Cox, who was left severely injured following an unprovoked attack by Roma fans last April.

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