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Monday 23 April 2018

WATCH: 'Didier Drogba is arrogant and a sore loser' - Former Chelsea star in bizarre argument with opposition fans

Flashpoint: Didier Drogba clashes with New York Red Bulls fans Vince (left) and Vance Moss CREDIT: ‏@KLIMBERGCALCIO
Flashpoint: Didier Drogba clashes with New York Red Bulls fans Vince (left) and Vance Moss CREDIT: ‏@KLIMBERGCALCIO

Bob Williams

Vince Moss, one of the New York Red Bulls fans who had a very public argument with Didier Drogba at the weekend, has explained the reasons for the contretemps.

Moss, and his twin brother Vance, both accomplished and well-respected Army doctors, are fanatical Red Bulls supporters.

They were seen (and indeed recorded) having a heated discussion with Drogba and another member of the Montreal Impact staff - with stadium security getting involved - after his side lost 1-0 to the Red Bulls.

Drogba told TVA Sports: “There were two fans who were showing their enthusiasm a little too much. They crossed the line a bit, that’s all.”

Moss says he and his brother were upset that the Ivorian striker refused to sign autographs for Red Bulls fans and it was only when a member of the Impact staff got involved that things got heated.

"We've been all over the East Coast watching Didier Drogba. We just watch his interactions with fans and things like that," Moss told The Telegraph.

"At Philadelphia we saw fans come up to him and he was quite arrogant. We were wondering what his issue was but we left him alone.

"When he was walking off the field [on Saturday] and we hear a number of Red Bulls fans asking for his autograph and he just walked off, our question was, 'Why don't you greet the fans?'

"We were saying, 'Don't be a sore loser' - we were both saying that. We were saying, 'Why don't you sign some autographs?' But he wouldn't do it, he just walked off.

"We thought that wasn't very nice and we told him that and, as he was walking off, he basically said he did what he wanted to do. We said, 'That's not very nice' and that's when he turned around and ran up the stairs and told us to be respectful.

"We were like, 'We're respectful, there are a lot of kids round here that look up to you - can you give them your autograph, can you be a little nicer?'

"No bad language was used - that is not in me and my brother's nature. We don't use bad language or use any disrespect. It was about wondering why he was being so crass and so discourteous.

"Our frustration was towards the fact that he wouldn't sign autographs and not because they were Red Bulls fans who wanted them. We feel we called him out a little bit on that.  It seems like he doesn't want to interact with the fans and we find that very concerning.

"I guess whoever was in front of him was very upset and when Drogba walked away, we started to walk away and that guy pushed us. He told us to 'Go to Hell' or whatever.

"We were holding up our scarves not so much to Drogba but the person who was a bit aggressive. We did it to let them know this is Red Bull Arena."

Moss says he and his brother did not get in trouble with anyone from the Red Bulls over the incident but says he does regret that things got out of control.

"We were just being fans - we weren't throwing things or being disrespectful. There was some concern, moving forward, what we could have done better," he adds.

"We don't want to cause conflict at a game. Tempers flare and we regret that that happened and it got out of hand so we regret that.

"We wish it could have been handled differently. We would definitely approach the situation differently in the future."

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