Wednesday 25 April 2018

Walters on

Having kids

It makes you realise what you've got and grow up a little. What I do now is for my kids, to help them when they're older. They've actually helped me in my dark moments -- when you're on a bad run, your head's gone and you're thinking where you might be next year. They've pulled me through that. Family is what's important.

Life in league two

If you don't have a good year or get a bad injury then you can end up going out of football. There's talent, but it's hard to get out. I've mates that are very good footballers who have just drifted away from the game, gone back to playing part-time or to university or just got a job and stuck with that.


with roy keane

It was a bit of a strange one. I've been at other clubs where captains would have quite a bit of say in what the team's going to do or have a chat about the team -- who's going to play, who's coming through. There was none of that with Roy. He just didn't really speak to you much about the playing side of it. I had to do the bits and bobs, the press side of it and all the other jobs that come with it, but otherwise, no, there was no extra dealings.

The stoke spirit

It's a good group here. Even the players who are not playing are really supporting the team and the manager really plays on that, really brings everyone together. I've played under a lot of managers during my time and every single one is different. Nobody does things the same. Every person, every manager has good and bad bits. The manager here (Tony Pulis) is first class, always asking everyone how they're settling or getting on.

Why he chose stoke

I knew of Stoke's interest going back a few years, and every transfer window I seemed to be linked with them. I wanted to come here a long time ago. It took a long while to come about, but it eventually happened. It's not too far from where I'm from, 45 minutes from the Wirral, and my brothers are here, my wife's family, and my father as well. It's nice to get back.

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