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Michel Platini

Uefa president

"The Financial Fair Play concept is very important for the well-being of clubs. We believe that for clubs to survive they can't spend more than they earn and we will introduce regulations to reach this aim. We have to regulate the situation by the 2012-2013 season. The idea is not to kill clubs but to help them. The role of UEFA is to protect the game.

"Football belongs to the fans and [you] have great fans in England. They love football. They respect the decisions. England is the only country where they get angry about diving. They are great football people. It's wonderful. But I am not so open to the business side of [your] game. In Germany, debts are not accepted. In England they are.

"To participate in our competitions you must not spend more money than you receive. If Manchester United have €300m and they spend €400m -- no!"

Gianni Infantino

UEFA general secretary

"Revenues across European football grew by 10 per cent last year, but the salaries of players and coaches have gone up by around 18 per cent. If we continue like this it will end up with a spiral of inflation, so we need to bring a more rational and reasonable approach to this crazy game.

"What we are doing is to try to improve the long-term stability of European club football.

"In a survey of more than 650 clubs, we found that 50 per cent are making losses every year, and 20 per cent are making huge losses, spending 120 per cent of their revenue. We want a healthier environment which will allow smaller clubs to compete with the bigger clubs, knowing that they can only spend what they earn."

Sunday Independent