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Sunday 22 September 2019

Twitter responses to Everton's appointment of Sam Allardyce makes for colourful reading

Sam Allardyce confirmed as the new Everton manager
Sam Allardyce confirmed as the new Everton manager

Everton are on the brink of appointing Sam Allardyce as their new manager, but the responses on the club's official Twitter feed to the announcement suggested the move was not universally popular.

Allardyce has always been something of a polarising figure in the game, with his brand of functional football not always to the liking of purists who still like to attach the word 'beautiful' to the game.

While Everton may not have needed the Allardyce touch when they sacked manager Ronald Koeman five weeks ago, a slump in form in recent weeks saw Goodison Park officials hit the emergency button and re-open talks with the former England manager after the initially broke down a month ago.

Everton may be in need of the kind of quick fix Allardyce can provide, but the responses to the Twitter confirmation of his appointment - and the news that he was hiring Liverpool legend Sammy Lee to be part of his backroom staff- were hardly heartfelt.

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