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Saturday 24 March 2018

Tweets of the Week

Tweets of the week

Aidan O'Hara

Aidan O'Hara

Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5)


@piersmorgan you ok fella?! Hearing ya show ratings are lower than a snakes belly??! that time again guys #tears4piers come clean my boots!

Manchester United defender offers the deposed CNN host a job – although for how much longer he needs a boot cleaner is less clear.


Joey Barton (@Joey7Barton)

When I heard Moyes and Rooney speaking about winning UCL yesterday, I thought they either know something I don't or they've been smoking something illegal. 62mins in. Seems it was the latter.

QPR midfielder manages to come up with a semi-plausible explanation for Manchester United's limp 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos.


James McClean (@JMcC_23)

For the sheer craic and satisfaction would you not love for someone to run full pelt and hit katie hopkins with a two footer #properegghead. She would still complain that it wasnt a proper two footer and tell you how it should be done

The Irish international isn't the biggest fan of the controversial columnist.


Maxine huddlestone (@huddz50)

England squad ......same old same old, pick your players who don't get a start for their clubs

Following on from Michael Carrick's wife, Tom Huddlestone's mother adds her two cents to the debate about the England squad.


Freddy Ady 9 (@FreddyAdu)

I am currently at blackpool training and thinking over some opportunities in Europe. Thanks

The man once signed as a professional at 14 is now a veteran at 24 and, it seems, in danger of being washed up by the seaside.


Leon McSweeney (@LeonMcSweeney)

Fair play to @DavidMeyler7 for not going down or reacting but it's safe to say he got a lot, lot worse playing hurling back home

Former Cork City player explains the reason for the Hull man's patience.


Steven Reid (@stevenreid12)

No drink last night and still feel hungover WTF!!!! What's the point?

West Brom defender is hung for a lamb as a sheep.

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