Thursday 26 April 2018

Liverpool transfer news: Kop eye up Marco Reus to replace Raheem Sterling

In demand: Marco Reus is one of Europe's most sought-after footballers
In demand: Marco Reus is one of Europe's most sought-after footballers

Oh, Raheem Sterling. What have you done? First with the wage demands. Then with the transfer request. Then with the not turning up to training. It's not ideal.

He's almost certainly off, despite the ominous noises Manchester City are making about ending their interest because £12bn might be a bit steep for a player that's not actually done all that much yet.

But never mind all that, the exciting thing is that Liverpool get to replace him! And it's even more exciting when you hear the news that Marco Reus is the man they're targeting to do so.

Reus was supposed to be going to basically every club in England last summer.

In the end the lure of wearing an unusual colour proved too strong for Marco, and he stayed with Borussia Dortmund. He signed a new contract. It was legally binding.

England weeped.

But now Talksport is claiming that in the event of a sudden withdrawal of Sterling from the Merseyzone, Reus will be the man to replace him.

Reus apparently has "no interest" in joining Barcelona, which Talksport is spinning as a "huge boost" for Liverpool. It remains to be seen just how accurate this reading of events is...


That is the written equivalent of a RED ALERT, which is what Liverpool have apparently been put on over Fernando Llorente according to the Express.

Juventus's Spaniard is yet another striking target for Brendan Rodgers, who has fallen down the Turin pecking order like some sort of... shroud? Yes, a falling shroud. Descending down a pecking order. Sure.

Anyway, Llorente's brother Jesus (no relation) [to Jesus] made this somewhat gnomic statement: “He has a contract with Juventus. I can’t rule anything out though.”

Like we said, RED ALERT.

Elsewhere, that brief daydream Liverpool had of recruiting Stevan Jovetic to deflect attention from Mario Balotelli is no longer viable.

The Montenegrin striker is on his way to Inter Milan from Manchester City for a fee of £14.4m.


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