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Totti and Zarate's not so festive tiff

WITH the New Year just a day old, it seems that two of Serie A's top stars have managed to put the spirit of Christmas well and truly behind them.

Roma legend Franceso Totti has been enjoying something of a renaissance this season. He also found time to get involved in a row with Lazio striker Mauro Zarate, claiming that the Argentine was "not a champion."

Zarate has hit back by claiming: "Totti talks too much, but he forgets that he is already finished. I think he hasn't scored in about 10 derbies."

But Totti has now responded, saying: "Congratulations to all the fans, all sports, and all the great champions of football. Since we are in the Christmas season and we should all be better people, I send 240 well wishes to Zarate. In 2010, I hope to get more goals and assists to become a record goalscorer.

"I guess I must hurry, because I am a finished player...come to think of it, I was also finished at the beginning of 2009!"

The number 240 is the number of goals Totti has scored in his career. Beat that, Zarate.

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