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Things you'll need to be aware of before travelling

IRISH fans should buy a phone SIM card when in Poland in order to avoid high roaming charges.

Four companies operate in the Eastern European country -- Play, Orange, TMobile and Vodafone -- and all sell SIM cards.

A ready-to-go card can be bought for around 25zl (€6) which contains some phone credit. The minimum amount of credit which can be bought is 5zl (€1.20) and can be bought in most convenience stores.

Fans can also buy medication much more cheaply in Polish pharmacies.

Rehydration salts (Gastrolit), Apap (headache tablets), Stoperan (diarrhoea medication) and KC tablets (for your head and stomach when hungover) costs a total of less than €8, significantly cheaper than in Ireland.

Condoms can be bought in most stores -- but fans are warned that the morning-after pill is prescription only. And a prescription will not be given by all doctors as some have moral objections to the use of the pill.

Irish Independent