Saturday 16 December 2017

The Clattenburg case: how it unfolded

* On October 28: Chelsea issued a statement claiming Clattenburg had made an "inappropriate remark" to one of their players during the second half of the 3-2 defeat by Manchester United.

* Three days later, on October 31 Chelsea confirmed to the FA they wished to make a formal complaint. By that time the details of the complaint had been published in the media.

* The details of the allegation were that following one or the other of the red cards issued, Brazilian midfielder Ramires heard Clattenburg say to John Obi Mikel, "shut up you monkey". Mikel did not hear the alleged comment.

* Ramires and Mikel, and all four match officials were interviewed, and after previously unseen video footage was provided by the club Mikel and other players in the vicinity of the alleged incident were interviewed again.

* The evidence for the allegation came from one witness alone: Ramires, whose first language is not English. Mikel was much closer to the referee than Ramires and did not hear what it is suggested was said to him.

* The three other match officials, to whom everything said by referee was relayed via their communication equipment, were "adamant the alleged words were not uttered".

* There was nothing in the video footage to support the allegation.

* The FA asked independent barrister David Waters QC to make a judgement on the evidence, and based on his opinion, decided there was no case for Clattenburg to answer.

* The FA were satisfied that the allegation by Ramires was made in good faith. "It is entirely possible for a witness to be genuinely mistaken and convincing in his belief," said the FA's statement.

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