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Stricken car puts brakes on Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's career may show no signs of stalling this season but his brand new black Lamborghini Aventador hasn't been so lucky. The star was forced to abandon the €250,000 sportscar that he bought only last month on the streets of Madrid as it cut out while he was on his way to the 29th birthday bash for his team-mate Pepe.

Ronaldo had to call his assistant for help, while a cab was called for him and a tow-truck for the stricken Lamborghini. And clearly, his right-hand man was told not to let the car out of his sights as he was pictured sitting in the driver's seat while the car was on the back of the tow-truck.

The former Manchester United star hasn't had the best of luck with his collection of cars, having already written off a €240,000 Ferrari after crashing in a tunnel in England.

Hopefully for poor Ronaldo's sake the Lamborghini's prognosis is not so terminal.

Irish Independent