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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Stephen Ward on . . .


I get asked about it a lot. It's a massive ambition, but I'm not one to look too far ahead. At the end of the day, the most important thing at the moment is playing for my club and I want to stay fit and do well in the team, but if I do get capped, it'd be a dream come true. I played in the 'B' game against Nottingham Forest last year, it was a bit of a nothing game and weird playing against a club, but I felt I did well.


I watched it at home, I was in Birmingham. I didn't want to go to a bar or anything, I like to hear the commentary and take it all in. It was a devastating night and there was nothing you could say to the lads when they came back, but commiserate. Doyler looked drained by the whole thing, not just the two games, but the whole experience of how we were robbed of a place. It was just horrible.



Every time you turn on a Sky channel, it's just Premier League, Premier League. You play on Tuesday night, and it's on Football First Wednesday or Thursday. There's always time to catch all the games. You don't have two games a week all the time like the Championship, so there's more time to dwell on things. You see all the games and goals constantly before you play again so you've got to be mentally strong because after one bad result people talk about doom and gloom when it's not really like that.

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