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Torres and coping with a price tag

When I joined Coventry from Chelsea, they paid £750,000 which was a lot of money then. The manager, John Sillett, didn't do me any favours. He said 'we used to shop at Asda, now we're shopping at Harrods'. It took me a few months to establish myself. Torres was struggling before he went to Chelsea. He shouldn't have been thrown in. It's going to take him a while,. Everybody is saying 'he's sh*te, he's sh*te', but he's not. He just looks like a lost sheep to me.

His time at Liverpool

I was thrown in at the deep end, Man United at Old Trafford, and I scored. Then I got two against Everton and I was thinking 'it's meant to be'. I was injured, then we had the cup games with Everton and Kenny left. That was it for me.

Graeme Souness

When he came in, I knew I wouldn't be there for long. He was a great player, but as man didn't conduct himself the way he should have done. There was a lot of people who thought that. He wasn't the best man manager I ever worked for.We had never got on before, when we played in Scotland. On pre-season with Liverpool to Germany, I told him what I thought of him. I called him a c***. I said, 'You're nothing but a c***. You know that? You're not a manager. You're an a***hole.'

Getting involved with Francis AFC

I was out with my missus and met her friends, Liam Fox and Roy Fox. Roy said he was thinking of setting up a team and would I be interested. I was 50 then, but said if he was short numbers I'll play, and I'll help with coaching and managing and getting a bit of sponsorship. I love every minute of it.


Born: February 2, 1960, Glenrothes, Scotland

Position: Striker

Clubs: Barnsley, Darlington, Chelsea, Coventry, Liverpool, Blackburn, Southampton, Birmingham (loan), West Ham (loan), WBA (loan), Leicester

Career appearances: 519

Career goals: 148

International caps: 10

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