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Snoods to get it in neck

IN a chilling move for the beautiful game's frozen footballers, FIFA has revealed its potential opposition to neckline technology ahead of next month's meeting of the game's law-makers.

The use of neck-warmers during competitive matches has become fashionable in the Premier League thanks to high-profile players such as Samir Nasri and Carlos Tevez sporting them to combat the nip of a British winter, to the horror of generations of hatchet men who fear that the sport has "gone soft".

But that could all be about to change, with a FIFA spokesman revealing: "We want a debate over the snood and whether it could be dangerous.

"There may be a safety issue -- if, for example, a player was running through on goal and an opponent grabbed his snood."

Never scared of going for the jugular, Alex Ferguson has banned his Manchester United players from wearing the circular scarves, not on health grounds but because he fears it would make his team look less like title-challenging 'Invincibles' and more like members of Spandau Ballet circa 1985.

FIFA are also taking an interest in men in tights. With more players adopting the Robin Hood look, they want a new rule that ensures tights are the same colour as shorts.

Irish Independent