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Smelly Celtic fans lead club to issue letter to supporters 'reminding them to wash'


Celtic have confirmed that they have written to their own supporters reminding them of the 'need to wash' before attending matches.

The bizarre intervention comes after fans complained about a smelly fellow supporter.

Season ticket holders in the main stand at Celtic Park, where the pong has been reported, were sent a letter by officials.

Celtic's supporter liaison officer, John Paul Taylor, is understood to have written the letter to the supporters, in which it's claimed they were told that the excessive BO from the fan was "impacting on the experience" of the match. Celtic declined to reveal the exact wording of the letter.

Taylor, who is a dedicated point of contact for fans of the Glasgow club, wrote on Twitter: "I can exclusively reveal its genuine, dispatched at the request of incumbents within the locale."

The tweet has since been deleted.

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