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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Shocking report claims EIGHT Premier League managers may have taken transfer bungs

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

A shocking report has claimed that EIGHT current and former Premier League football managers may have taken bungs to finalise transfers, in allegations that are set to rock an already shaken English game.

Sam Allardyce's sensational departure as England manager may have dominated the soccer headlines in the last 24 hours, but the next phase of the Daily Telegraph investigation into the game could be even more damaging.

After Allardyce was filmed telling fake football agents how they could get around the Football Association's transfer regulations, the next report in the investigation is now claiming they are ready to reveal names of managers who are guilty of accepting illegal payments in seal deals.

"Eight current and former Premier League managers stand accused of  receiving “bungs” for player transfers after The Daily Telegraph found widespread evidence of corruption in the English game," reads the latest introduction to the latest story in the English broadsheet newspaper.

The Telegraph has come under fire in some quarters for trapping Allardyce into making comments that forced the FA to dispense with his services, with former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp among those criticising the journalistic tactics.

"It’s a sad day, sad for Sam. It is probably a lifetime’s dream to be an England manager. For it to end so quickly is unbelievable really," stated Redknapp on BT Sport.

"Do other countries set people up. Would they put him in a trap? He has been put in a trap and fallen into it.

"He has been set-up and said things he shouldn’t have said. Unscrupulous people have set him and in a trap and he has fallen into it."

However, the shocking claims appear to offer some justification for the Telegraph story that led to the downfall of Allardyce as England manager, with corruption in the game set to be exposed in the coming days.

Meanwhile, a prominent Sky Sports reporter has claimed that one senior manager has succeeded in getting a court injunction to block his name from being revealed amid the scandal that is gripping English football.

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