Thursday 17 October 2019

Roy Keane: 'I bump into a lot of idiots. I'm ready, I spot them a mile off'

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

Roy Keane was talking to Matt Cooper at the Olympia tonight as part of a fundraiser for Barrettstown and the Cork man was in flying form.

Keane has always held his former club Manchester United in the highest regard and he had a pop at all of their Premier League rivals when he said: "Saturdays were almost a day off for Manchester United because training games were harder than league games."

While he was no angel in his day, Keane is just glad that there were no camera phones while he was winning trophies with Manchester United.

"If there was social media in my time as a player, I'd be in prison!" quipped Keane.

And id he wasn't a successful, world class footballer? You guessed it - winning trophies for his beloved Cork.

"One sporting occasion I would love to play in would be an All-Ireland hurling final or Cork, your county, your parish."

Here are some of the best bits from a hilarious evening:


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