Saturday 18 November 2017

Rooney v Drogba


Rooney 9

Used to specialise in spectacular efforts from outside the box, but that changed when he started playing higher up the pitch. Still packs a knockout punch but has added some subtlety this season to his finishing.

Drogba 9

Lets fly from all sorts of angles, often hitting it early to catch the keeper off balance. Like Rooney, much stronger on his right foot and has developed a devastatingly effective technique with free-kicks.


Rooney 7

As proved by Everton's Tim Cahill, you don't have to be tall to be good in the air. Rooney has worked hard on this aspect of his game, gaining reward with three headed goals this term.

Drogba 8

At 6ft 2in, you could argue that Chelsea's powerhouse should score more goals with his head. That said, he's certainly no slouch in this area, particularly when defending, often clearing danger with a thumping effort.

Hold-up play

Rooney 9

Second to none. His touch, movement and awareness of space give team-mates in possession an easy option. Does this, what's more, closer to goal these days, which is always harder to do successfully.

Drogba 8

A one-man battering ram who can safely gather long, hoisted balls through overwhelming strength and pace. His touch might not be as well-honed as Rooney's, but, in the heat of battle, that's no comfort to defenders.

Work rate

Rooney 10

Always a selfless team player who never stopped running, he now channels that energy in the areas that count. A manager's dream who, on any given day, is prepared to bust a gut.

Drogba 8

Doesn't play as much of a part in the build-up as Rooney, preferring to stay on the shoulder inside the width of the box. As a result, he won't be in a rush to close down the full-back.


Rooney 7

Has cleaned up his act with regard to lunging tackles and berating the referee. Still likes a moan, mind you, and a few snarled expletives, but not anything like the angry lad of old.

Drogba 7

Thankfully, the embarrassing play-acting has been significantly cut. Those dying swan routines show up less frequently. Still loves a perceived injustice or a running feud but, at 31, appears to have matured.


Drogba 40 Rooney 42

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