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Revenge is tweet as listeners hit back at blundering Keys

Football Loco can't let 'do-me-a-favour-love'-gate pass without recognition of the most unusual sports broadcast since Ron Burgundy auditioned for Sports Center (www.tinyurl.ie/338).

As Richard Keys dropped more clangers than a 1970s animated kids show in his infamous interview with TalkSport radio, internet platforms whipped up into a frenzy of sarcastic wit. The claims of 'dark forces' working against him and Andy Gray didn't wash with the listeners who hit back with some great tweets:

  • 'Richard Keys: the Richard Dunne of apologies -- record number of own goals.'
  • 'Richard Keys: admits to helping Alan Shearer with his commentating career. Can they not just sack him for that alone?'
  • 'Richard Keys: set to replace Andy Coulson as David Cameron's new Head of Communications.'

But perhaps the final word should go to Roy Keane who warned us all back in 2008 of the dangers of listening to the Swiss Toni of the Sky Sports studio.

"I've done it once for Sky. Never again. I'd rather go to the dentist," said Keane. "You're sitting there with people like Richard Keys and they're trying to sell something that's not there."

Very Swiss Toni indeed.

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