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Reds reaction

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool captain

A fantastic result and credit to Christian Purslow and Martin Broughton, who have worked so hard.

Jamie Carragher

Liverpool defender

A lot of supporters will be delighted with the outcome. I am sure that will give us a feel-good factor.

John W Henry

Head of NESV consortium

Well done Martin, Christian and Ian (Ayre). Well done RBS. Well done supporters!

Rafael Benitez

Former Liverpool manager

Today I am so happy for the people of Liverpool. Finally the club can move forward and get stability.

David Fairclough

Former Liverpool striker

It's good news and Liverpool can look forward. There will be smiles on the faces of the fans.

Chris de Burgh

Singer and fan

Hicks & Gillett were catastrophic; like unwanted house guests who outstay their welcome.



Now maybe we can get back to doing things the Liverpool way, behind closed doors, in house

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