Sunday 18 March 2018

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"Wazza pays quite a lot for his gear but it doesn't really work for him. Last season he was trying to pull off the country gent look with a few hunting jackets. Let's just say he was alone in thinking that he looked good." -- John O'Shea slags off Wayne Rooney's sartorial manner. O'Shea didn't say what kind of hunting Rooney was going in for at the time.

"I agree with Mr Mackay that a new owner is needed to rescue the club from the people like him -- from those who live all their lives at the expense of football and spread demagogy." -- It's fair to say that Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov doesn't like agents after laying into former captain and current 'Mr Ten Per Cent' Gary Mackay, who had the temerity to criticise the Russian.

"I don't have to justify Pedro Leon's absence from the squad. You talk of him as if he was Maradona or Zidane! He will play whenever he works like I want him to, and it will be more difficult for him to play when he doesn't." -- Jose Mourinho puts young tyke Leon in his place after he confidently told team-mates he was set to start against Auxerre. He never even made it onto the plane.

And Finally

PLYMOUTH captain Carl Fletcher was left with egg on his face after being told by a judge that he wasn't famous enough to avoid jury duty. The former Wales international initially tried to wriggle his way out of the situation by telling Judge Francis Gilbert that he had an away game at Cheltenham, but this was dismissed before the player then argued that he was too well-known a figure in the area to sit in court.

However, Judge Gilbert replied: "Captaining Plymouth Argyle is not sufficient reason for not doing jury service. Lots of well-known people, some more famous than you, have been required to sit on juries." The judge then added that only a previous conviction or a mental disorder was enough to disqualify a person from jury duty.

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