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question nobody asked

arsene wenger's men have played both of these teams in the last few days but, taking a certain logic, it's possible to prove that Leyton Orient are a tougher proposition.

If A is better than B, and B is better than C, then it stands to reason that A is better than C. Therefore, with Leyton Orient having beaten Swansea in the last round of the FA Cup; Swansea beating Ipswich in the Championship and Ipswich beating Arsenal earlier this season in the Carling Cup, it's possible to say Leyton Orient are better than Barcelona.

Alternatively, it's possible to prove that Eastbourne Borough -- bottom of the Blue Square Premier -- are better than Barca because (deep breath) this season, Barca lost to Hercules, who lost to Valencia, who lost to Man Utd, who lost to Wolves, who lost to Blackpool, who lost to Southampton, who lost to Brentford, who lost to Aldershot, who lost to Crewe, who lost to Tamworth, who lost to York, who lost to Eastbourne Borough.

Ergo, Eastbourne Borough are better than Barcelona. Simples.

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