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'Put Kerr in charge of underage development'


Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr


Brian Kerr

PAT FENLON has called on the FAI to solve their differences with Brian Kerr and place the former Irish manager in a key developmental role.

With a clear vision for how Irish football could move forward, Fenlon believes the restructuring of the underage game here would result in a huge number of new recruits to the international team. And Kerr, he believes, is the man with a clever mind who could deliver results.

"The League of Ireland is an industry worth €12m a year and, if clubs want to develop their own players, they will have to dramatically improve their schoolboy sections.

"If 10 clubs took €5,000 out of their budgets to finance an underage set-up, we would be keeping 200 kids at home rather than seeing them head off to England where a lot of them get €100 a week.

"Brian Kerr is not involved in the game and that is criminal because he has so much to offer. He could drive a developmental project for Irish football. We need to look at developing our players here rather than having to rely on English clubs to do it."

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