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Preston cry vowel over prank

Preston North End were left crying vowel (and consonant) after their simmering rivalry with Blackpool boiled up on Channel 4's 'Countdown' program.

The Tangerines have been enjoying the demise of their recently relegated rivals and rubbed salt into those wounds again when the famous Countdown conundrum anagram was revealed to show the letters 'PNECRISIS'.

While Countdown is known for the odd unfortunate blooper when the letters are randomly selected, this was no coincidence.

"One of the members of the production team is a life-long Blackpool fan," said a Channel 4 spokesperson. "It was intended to be friendly banter."

Last week, another Blackpool fan flew two banners over Deepdale taunting Preston on their relegation to League One. 'We are superior love -- Blackpool FC,' one read.

The answer to the conundrum was 'priciness' which will be even more appropriate if Blackpool are left to count the cost of their own relegation from the Premier League next week.

Irish Independent