Thursday 19 September 2019

What's he meant to do? Chop his arms off? - De Bruyne

De Bruyne:
De Bruyne: "There’s nothing he can do as Nico [Otamendi] is 10cm in front of him trying to head the ball." Photo: Reuters/Carl Recine

Kevin De Bruyne has hit out at football's "impossible" new handball rules and claimed the only way players could avoid accidentally handling the ball in some instances would be to "chop off" their arms.

De Bruyne says his frustration that Aymeric Laporte, the City defender, was punished for handball in the build-up to Gabriel Jesus's late "winner" was compounded by the knowledge that an accidental handball by a Tottenham player in the same passage of play might not have led to a penalty for his side.

Under the International Football Association Board's new laws, goals scored or created with the use of handball, even if accidental, no longer stand, but the denial of a penalty through accidental handball could easily go unpunished. A penalty may only be awarded by VAR if there has been a "clear and obvious" error in the original decision. De Bruyne said: "It's impossible [for Laporte] to take his arm away. What can he do? Should he chop his arm off and play without it? There's nothing he can do as Nico [Otamendi] is 10cm in front of him trying to head the ball. You can't react in that of time." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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