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'We got a private jet' - Ex-Spurs star spills the beans on how Robbie Keane organised a secret Dublin Christmas party


Harry Redknapp (left) with Robbie Keane (right).

Harry Redknapp (left) with Robbie Keane (right).

Harry Redknapp (left) with Robbie Keane (right).

Former Spurs star Jermaine Jenas has given the full story behind how Robbie Keane organised a secret Dublin Christmas party during his time at White Hart Lane.

In 2009, Redknapp told his players that he didn't want them to have a festive blow-out as he looked to start 2010 strongly in the league. However, although the players told him they wouldn't have a Christmas party, Ireland legend Robbie Keane had other ideas.

Keane organised a trip to Dublin for a number of players, with Jenas telling Copa 90 the full story.

"Harry had arrived at the football club and he didn't want us having any Christmas parties," Jenas said.

"People were like, 'hang on a minute, let us off the hook and enjoy ourselves'. The senior players got together and decided to do it on the hush. Keano [Robbie Keane] decided that Dublin would be a good shout given his links to Dublin. We got a private jet. We couldn't get a coach to pick us up at the training ground so we all had to make our own way to Stanstead.

"We got to Ireland and it was exactly what you'd imagine. A lovely pub, a band was playing, all the lads were there. Great atmosphere. No press and we were thinking, 'great'."

Redknapp was subsequently informed about the Dublin trip during a press conference and was furious, although Jenas says that Keane remained tight-lipped about who went to the party.

"Harry stormed out of the press conference and brought us into the changing room. He went around to every one of us telling us how much of a disgrace we were. He came to Keano at the end and asked for a list of who attended it. To be fair to Keano, I think he just walked into his office and handed him a blank sheet of paper and was like, 'that's who was there'."

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