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Vincent Kompany's problem? He's spent too long in the gym, says Joey Barton


Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany


Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany's struggles in form could be down to spending too much time in the gym, according to Joey Barton.

The Manchester City captain has been short of his best in recent weeks, and his performances against Barcelona and Liverpool were widely criticised, with former England defender Gary Neville saying he “has turned into Mr Rash”.

Kompany was ruled out for a month after damaging his calf muscle in mid-December, and QPR midfielder Barton believes his recovery work might have focussed too heavily on lifting weighhts in the gym.

He told BBC Five Live: "Players go through peaks and troughs in terms of form - Kompany was execeptional last season when City won the league and was being touted as the best defender in Europe.

"But a few weeks back, before City had a bit of a wobble, a couple of things happened in games - like in and he just looked really top-heavy.

 "I don't know whether the period he had out injured has meant he's gone in the gym and done more weights and more weights, and the top of his body has got more defined than the bottom.

"I just thought he didn't turn the way he usually does.

"He wil generally get in the face of the defender but I just think maybe he's half a second off at the moment.

"It will come with more games: it's just that in big games - against Barcelona, Liverpool - you can't get away with it if you're a fraction off peak fitness."

Kompany is expected to feature in Manchester City's clash with Leicester at Eastlands tonight.

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