Wednesday 24 January 2018

Video: 'I have nothing to say' - Jose Mourinho gives bizarre interview after defeat to Liverpool Newsdesk Newsdesk

A defiant Jose Mourinho gave a bizarre interview to BT Sport following his side's 3-1 defeat to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho declined to comment on the game at all in another remarkable post-match interview, albeit the opposite of the seven-minute diatribe following the loss to Southampton on October 3 which saw him sanctioned by the Football Association.

Interviewer Des Kelly got very little from the Chelsea boss who watched his side record a sixth defeat in 11 Premier League games.

Here is a full transcript of the interview:

Des Kelly: Jose, a 3-1 defeat after a fabulous start. The game just got away from you there.

Jose Mourinho: I have nothing to say.

DK: Nothing to say at all?

JM: Nothing to say.

DK: Nothing to say about the Lucas decision that left him on the pitch?

JM: I have nothing to say.

DK: The Costa clash?

JM: I have nothing to say. I'm so sorry I have nothing to say.

DK: Do you not think it's time to chat to the fans, give them some message, some indication of your thinking?

JM: They are not stupid.

DK: We heard them chanting your name.

JM: They are not stupid.

DK: You did say before this game that you were not worried, are you a little bit more worried now?

JM: No. Worried about what?

DK: Your future, your own position at the club, the backing of the board.

JM: No.

DK: Nothing about the game at all?

JM: Nothing.

DK: No individual performance you'd like to pick out?

JM: No.

DK: Nothing about the performance going ahead?

JM: Nothing.

DK: Nothing about the way we could fix it?

JM: I cannot say.

DK: Thank you for your time Jose.

JM: Thank you.

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