Wednesday 18 September 2019

'They're amazing in front of the screen but can't last two months in charge' - Jose Mourinho in dig at Paul Scholes and Gary Neville

Jose Mourinho and (inset) Neville and Scholes
Jose Mourinho and (inset) Neville and Scholes
Jose Mourinho and (inset) Neville and Scholes

Harry Clarke

Jose Mourinho has criticised pundits who are "amazing in front of the screen" but have failed in their own managerial careers.

Former Manchester United stars Gary Neville and Paul Scholes are two pundits who have been critical of Mourinho during his time at Old Trafford and now it appears the Portuguese has fired back.

Neville was axed as Valencia manager in 2016 after a little over a year in charge of the Spanish club while Scholes lasted a mere month in the hotseat at Oldham Athletic.

"But the experience to be there, we have even in England, former top players, amazing in front of the screen," said in an interview with RT.

"They go to football clubs, and after two months, goodbye, let's go home because this is not right for us.

"So there are things you have it, or you don't have it."

Mourinho added: "There is one part of it [management] that people sometimes forget, even some top pundits, they forget it, which is you have to be born with some talent adapted," Mourinho said.

"It's a little bit the same thing as what football academies can make with players.

"I think it's a natural knowledge and understanding of the game.

"Leadership qualities, communication qualities, emotional intelligence because that is another thing that technology and experience at other levels can't replicate which is the levels of pressure you are at.

"It is one thing us sat in front of a screen, analysing a game live, saying 'I will take that one and I will put that one'.

"That decision when you are on the touchline, can you on the touchline have the same state of mind to be calm and be an analyst of the game? Can you be brave enough to take the pressure?"

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