Thursday 14 November 2019

The good, the bad and the ugly of Liverpool's kits through the years

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Liverpool are set to unveil a new kit this Friday as they prepare to start their lucrative deal with manufacturer New Balance - with fans wondering whether the lessons of past disasters have been learned.

The Anfield giants have been handed some of the more curious kits in recent football folklore as fashions have come and gone down the years, with leaks on Twitter suggesting we could be in for something special when the new style.

These images have appeared on Twitter in recent weeks with those posting them claiming to have been given a sneak peak at the new Liverpool strip:


And this

pool 2.png

Both of those images proved to be fakes, so Liverpool fans will have to hope that some of the disasters below are not added to on Friday.


THE CLASSIC LOOK - With tiny shorts and a simple design, this was how Liverpool looked when they were a winning machine, led by player manager Kenny Dalglish in their 1985/86 Double winning season.


GETTING DODGY: Republic of Ireland midfielder Ronnie Whelan was leading Liverpool as they were asked we wear this curious grey number back in 1990. It cannot have been a big seller in the club shop.

pool 4.png

THE BAGGY BLOUSE: With a vintage and oversized badge, Steve McManaman cut quite an image in a cream shirt that didn't fit him back in 1996. This wasn't one of Liverpool's best looks.

pool 5.png

WEMBLEY NIGHTMARE - As if wearing ivory suits to Wembley for the 1996 FA Cup final wasn't bad enough, Liverpool lost to Manchester United wearing this green and white quarters kit. This was Liverpool right?

pool 6.png

TOUCH OF CLASS: It wouldn't have mattered if Liverpool's class of 2005 were wearing the worst kit in the world on their night of destiny in the Champions League Final against AC Milan in Istanbul, as this kit was instantly thrown into the Anfield Hall of Fame after a never to be forgotten night.

pool 7.png

THE GREEN RETURNS: The 2006 effort by Adidas saw a return to the white and green look that was never too popular first time around. The kid may have been a nod to their Irish heritage, but it isn't working.

pool 8.png

OH DEAR: No wonder Luis Suarez was so desperate to leave Liverpool. Anyone asked to wear this horror story of a kit would have wanted out and it can only be hoped that New Balance do better than this when their deal with the Reds starts.

pool 9.png

THE CURRENT LOOK: This black, grey and red number did little for Brendan Rodgers and his players as they were hammered at Arsenal last weekend and it is hard to see this as a true Liverpool kit. Who would want to wear this messy jersey?

pool 10.jpg

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