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Rodgers requires time

BRENDAN RODGERS was word perfect on his first day at work with Liverpool, pointedly omitting any reference to the club's great north west rivals when name-dropping Europe's giants.

He could be an inspired appointment, if given time. But it tells you something of the challenge Rodgers faces that one of the commitments given to Swansea for his release was an assurance that Liverpool will not raid his old club for players.

They didn't play dull football under Kenny Dalglish.

In truth, the Scot was every bit as committed to the "relentless, attacking football" that Tom Werner was promising at Anfield yesterday.

The problem for Dalglish is the players just weren't good enough to translate that style into victories.

How Rodgers reshapes the Liverpool squad in the short-term will dictate what patience he is accorded beyond that. Bottom line, he needs to buy.

And he needs to buy a whole lot smarter than Damien Comolli.

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