Thursday 22 February 2018

Richard Keys re-opens social media battle with Jamie Carragher with some cutting comments

Carragher and Keys were exchanging unpleasantries on Twitter earlier this week
Carragher and Keys were exchanging unpleasantries on Twitter earlier this week
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has reopened his feisty war of wars with Jamie Carragher, with a blog offering some less than polite advice to the former Liverpool defender.

Carragher is now the face of Sky’s Monday Night Football show that was initially fronted by Keys and his on-screen partner Andy Gray, before the duo left Sky after they were caught up in a sexism scandal back in 2011.

While Key and Gray have reinvented themselves on Qatari TV network biIN Sports, animosity over the manner of their exit from Sky lingers and has come to the surface in recent days.

After Keys criticised Carragher for branding Arsenal players ‘cowards’ following their 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace on Monday night, the Sky Sports analyst hit back with some cutting barbs of his own.

Now Keys has given his considered response to the spat, as he suggested his role in helping to build the Premier League brand on Sky sports is not given enough credit, as he was highly critical of Carragher’s brand of presentation.

“I find it so sad that today’s young ‘analysts’ want to consistently criticise everything they see,” Keys wrote on his blog.

“It seems that TV execs these days want to encourage everybody to say something more ridiculous than the last man. Why? It doesn’t put numbers on the viewing figures. UK audiences are down 19% this season. So why?

“All today’s young ‘analysts’ had bad games - some many, many more than others - but they seem to have forgotten that. Analyse the game - stop name calling if someone is having a bad time on the pitch.

“Which brings me to my point. I was really disappointed to see Jamie Carragher call Arsenal’s players ‘cowards’ after the game at Palace. ‘Cowards’? There was a time in British history that kind of insult would bring men to arms at dawn in a pistol fight for honour. No. I’m sorry, those players could be accused of many things on the other night - but cowardice? No. No. No.”

Keys continued with his criticisms of Carragher’s presenting style, as he also had a dig at his reluctance to try his hand as a manager.

“I sometimes wonder how today’s ‘analysts’ - few of whom have ever had the courage to coach themselves (is that cowardice?) would’ve reacted if we’d described their performances in the same way,” he questioned.

“Before you all start screaming again - what is cowardice in football? Is it failing to win the title year on year?

“Is it walking away from your country because you can’t get a game? Is it messing up a penalty shoot out because you don’t know the rules? No, of course not, it’s none of those things, but you see how easy it is to get personal?

“My advice to today’s analysts - stick with talking about the football. Have an empathy with a player or players that are short on confidence and struggling to find their game.

“Respect our wonderful product. Remember what it was like when you played. We all still need each other. Cherish our wonderful sport.

“Yes, if required criticise, but make it constructive. We’re turning people off with a constant string of vitriol. Love football and it will love you back - keeping some of us working and all of us fascinated.”

Carragher has yet to respond to the latest contributions from Keys, with Sky executives probably keen for him to avoid an ongoing dialogue with their former employee.

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