Monday 20 May 2019

Richard Dunne: Paul Pogba is not really adding anything to Man United and should be shown the door

Manchester United's Paul Pogba (L) shakes hands with Jose Mourinho after being substituted
Manchester United's Paul Pogba (L) shakes hands with Jose Mourinho after being substituted
Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne

PLAYERS and managers have rows all the time. I think I had a falling-out with every manager I played for at club level. It's how you deal with those rows that counts.

And that's why the relationship between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba seems to be broken down permanently, with the result that the only way out of this is for one of them to leave, and that will be Pogba.

Whatever he or his camp might say, Pogba lacks the consistency to turn it around, the consistency in his game to play at a level where you think "at least his football is doing the talking". He always has to have something else going on.

I think they will both win, Mourinho and Pogba. Mourinho will get rid of him, which he wants to do, and Pogba will get to leave, probably sign a massive contract at Barcelona, there won't be a loser. Pogba is not really adding anything to United so he won't be missed.

The only one who maybe could lose out is Mourinho, if the board decided they wanted to change but I can't see that.

Whatever has happened, the parties there clearly dislike each other, whether that's due to the agent involved (Mino Raiola) we don't know but it's not a good relationship and it won't be fixed as they don't seem to be interested in fixing it.

If someone is doing things they shouldn't, something disrespectful like sending social media messages during a game that the club end up losing (as Pogba did in midweek when United played, and lost to, Derby County), they deserve to be fined.

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And I just can't see the club siding with Pogba over the manager as Pogba is not doing enough, is not an important enough player, to win support.

If Pogba came out and played really well for six months, Mourinho couldn't say anything or have a go at him or try to offload him. The manager would just have to accept it as the player, no matter how much he disliked him, was doing his job.

If Pogba is playing well, he can do all the social media he likes, as long as he is performing. But if you play well one week and just don't perform the next week, there's no substance to what you do, and that's what's frustrating to the United manager and their fans.

Pogba has cost the club a lot of money but they can recoup that and it would be best if they parted ways and he started afresh somewhere else and United try to sign a midfielder more suited to the Premier League.

Rows happen all the time at clubs. When I was at QPR, we had Adel Taarabt, and he had no relationship at all with the manager. He was a very talented footballer but he had no interest in playing or training or sorting it out with the manager.

Some players just down tools until they get their way and move on, their contract is more important than anything else. It's unprofessional but it's the modern game.

Pogba has come off winning a World Cup so he feels people still want him ... but it can change very quickly.

Paul Pogba celebrates with the World Cup trophy after France’s 4-2 final win over Croatia (Owen Humphreys/PA)

If he moves on to another club and the same happens, then people will quickly change their minds on how they view him, and doubt if he really is a top class player. I had rows with a few managers at club level but it was never at the level between Mourinho and Pogba. And you always tried to sort it out.

Even when there was an issue at Manchester City under Kevin Keegan, he stood by me and gave me my opportunity to get back into the team and play again.

This is my point, you can make a mistake, fall out with a manager, misbehave maybe, but if you can go back and do it on the pitch the next Saturday, it's all forgotten.

And that's what Pogba is missing, he is fighting this battle in the papers and on social media instead of doing it on the pitch. he should just say ‘I will stay off Instagram for three weeks and play out of my skin so everyone will just talk about that', instead of trying to force an issue online. I can't get my head around it. These players are grown men, 26 or 27 years of age and all they do is take photos to put on social media to get likes.

It's embarrassing. If you go and do your job, everyone will love you for that, they will want your jersey, sing your name, not your Instagram post. He is trying to sell something with no talent behind it.

There was one time at Aston Villa under Gerard Houllier when we fell out, I had a strong disagreement with him on the training ground and that was it.

I had a disagreement with almost every manager I had, you have an argument but you can still have a relationship, and it's never long-lasting.

I had rows with Kevin Keegan and Walter Smith but they were both brilliant with me, if you do something wrong you stand up and face it, but if you go back and do your job for that manager then the issue is dealt with and you move on.

That's what United are missing now, there needs to be a final point, and if that final point is getting rid of the player or manager, then they have to get to that stage.

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