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Richard Dunne: 'I'm worried about Burnley and their large Irish contingent, they need a new signing to spark something'


Burnley's Robbie Brady

Burnley's Robbie Brady

Burnley's Robbie Brady

With so many Irish players at Burnley it’s important for the national team that they do well as a club and right now it’s not looking too bright for them.

And I’d worry for them. The defence they have is more or less as last year, but they have already conceded more goals at this stage of the season than they did in all of last season. They don’t seem to be able to keep a clean sheet: I presume they are working hard but it’s not working out.

I saw their game against Everton in midweek and it was sloppy mistakes all the time that cost them, the keeper’s not making the saves you’d expect him to make.

The manager there does not need to change as I’d still back Sean Dyche. He is the right man for the job, but the personnel has to change, they need to do something in the window next month and get in someone who can instill some fight into the team.

They look like players who are trying, but they are trying without any real belief in what they are doing and when you are on a bad run, like Burnley are now, as a player you just can’t see where your next point will come from, you feel that every time you make a mistake it ends up with a goal for the opposition.

So someone new, a battling defensive midfielder or a defender, could spark something there.

It would be very bad for Ireland if they do go down, with so many of our players in their squad and you want your players doing well in the Premier League, so it’s down to those players now to show they want to play in the Premier League. You can’t think ‘well if we go down another club in the Premier will come in for me’, it doesn’t work like that any more, clubs don’t look to relegated clubs to sign players.

Robbie Brady has already had one relegation in his time, if he has another one this season with Burnley it would be hard to see a good club taking a punt on him as he’s been relegated twice, clubs want players who can stay in the Premier League.

It’s not all about who is the most skillful or the most technically-gifted, at times like this it’s as simple as rolling up the sleeves, when you are in the situation that Burnley are in you need to get the belief that you can get out of it.

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