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Rafa Benitez on...


"I think we will see the best of Torres again, yes. This year I was watching Stoke against Chelsea and he was doing really well. He has the passion which some people were asking about, he has the quality and movement. I could see he was coming back to his level. The problem for him was that he was sent off and missed three games and (Didier) Drogba was in the team and scoring goals. He still has potential, quality and desire."


"They were asking me this question when I was in Wembley for the Spain game. I am a manager, I have international experience, I know a little bit about football, all my life is around football. The England job is there but my feeling is that everybody knows who will go to England in the future. It's a challenge. Everybody has an opinion on who will go there."


"The level of the team is fine and the manager has experience, they can do well but at the same time Spain is a little bit ahead at this moment of everyone. Of course in a competition anything can happen. In one game, I could use the example of Barcelona and Sporting Gijon where you have one sending off and it changes everything so you never know what can happen, that's the good thing about football."

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