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Question nobody asked - which premier league player fouls most?

WHEN a player is going for a sixth title in seven seasons in most statistics, their name is usually in lights. Unfortunately for Kevin Davies, 'fouling' is not one of them. Once again this season, the Bolton striker has made an early burst from the blocks with 26 fouls, which puts him comfortably in front of Andy Carroll (18).

However, given his record in the Premier League, according to their official website at least, this should come as no surprise with prolific levels of fouling over the past eight seasons. Only twice since 2004 has he been beaten into second place in the fouling stats, with John Carew (93 to Davies' 86 in 2008) and Patrick Vieira (93 to Davies' 88 in 2004) managing 'better'.

Last season, Davies passed his greatest winning margin with his 103 fouls, beating Tim Cahill on 74. Even that wasn't his best tally, with 108 fouls in 2006 (to Shola Ameobi's 80) and 110 in 2009 (beating Marouane Fellaini by nine) his most impressive.

Davies is miles ahead in the overall standings with his 792 all-time fouls putting him clear of George Boateng (594). Despite this, he evades the refs in the main, with just two reds and 91 yellows.

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