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Pulis offers his support to Pennant after double arrest

Stoke manager Tony Pulis has insisted that he will "look after" winger Jermaine Pennant, ahead of his court appearance on driving charges.

Pennant was charged after being involved in a collision in the early hours of Sunday morning, but it emerged yesterday that he has also been arrested and released on bail for allegedly assaulting a woman in a Manchester nightclub that night.

Speaking about the driving charges, but before news of the arrest for assault, Pulis said that the club would support Pennant and delay judgment until his court appearance next Wednesday.

"We've taken the approach as a club that we will look after him," Pulis said. "We will see what the situation is when it gets to court. Up until then I am in the dark as much as you lot in respect of knowing what exactly happened or didn't.

"Come and see me on May 9 and I'll talk about (the driving charges) then, quite openly," Pulis added.

"But I ain't going to stand here and hang the kiddie before we know what it is. We will deal with it in-house when and if."

As well as the Pennant case, it seems Pulis will soon also be dealing with an unhappy player.

Cameron Jerome, who came off the bench to score the equaliser in Tuesday night's 1-1 draw with Everton -- in which Pennant did not play -- said afterwards that he does not believe he has been given the chance he deserves this season, and that the Stoke manager has not been fair.

"I've not had the run of games I would've liked," Jerome said. "I think I've been hard done by, to be honest. I've not been given a fair crack of the whip, or what I'd think is a fair run."

Jerome believes that Pulis could have handled his rotation system better. "If it was a case of rotating fairly on form then I'd be happy," he said. "But I'm not getting a look-in, regardless of how other people perform."

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