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Park urged to hop on board frog protection campaign

The player who made drinking frog juice famous has now been asked to back a campaign that aims to protect the endangered amphibians.

Manchester United's South Korean star Park Ji Sung revealed in his 2006 autobiography that he was fed boiled frog juice as a boy to help build up his stamina.

This revelation has, apparently, led to a huge upsurge in the practice in his native country. Now a lobby group called Frog Friends has asked the United star to hop on board their campaign to help save the Korean Kermits. "I do not know if it is just coincidence, but after it was revealed that Park eats frogs as a means to boost his strength, the number of cases of illegal poaching of frogs and toads has increased," said campaign organiser Park Wan-Hee.

Since its establishment in 2007, Frog Friends has been campaigning to stop Koreans killing amphibians for perceived health benefits. No doubt Park will jump at the chance to help out.

Irish Independent