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'Mourinho gets one goal ahead and he tries to hold on to it' - Wayne Rooney blames negative tactics for sacking


Wayne Rooney (Martin Rickett/PA)

Wayne Rooney (Martin Rickett/PA)

Wayne Rooney (Martin Rickett/PA)

Manchester United record goal scorer Wayne Rooney has confirmed there were problems behind the scenes at the club, as he backed the club's decision to sack manager Jose Mourinho last Tuesday.

In an appearance on BT Sport, Rooney suggested Mourinho's cautious tactics were never likely to be popular with United fans, as he suggested interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will put smiles back on faces at Old Trafford.

"Something had to change, so it was the right decision," said Rooney on the decision to sack Mourinho.

"I stay in touch with a lot of people at the club, I speak to them quite a lot. To be a successful club you need to have everything right. That relationship between some of the staff and players wasn’t great.

"Bringing Ole and Mick (Phelan) in, that will change things. The staff are smiling and happy and that rubs off on the players. I think it’s a good move for the club and gives them more time to get the right man in the summer.

"The only thing that brings smiles is winning football games and being successful. Ole knows that. It’s a big opportunity for Ole to show how good of a manager he is. Some of the players need to step up."

United preceded to turn in a thrilling display as they beat Cardiff 5-1, inspiring Rooney to suggest that would never have happened under Mourinho's watch.

"The difference with Mourinho is he gets one goal ahead and he tries to hold on to it," he added. "Now we see them taking a lead and going for more.

"Manchester United is a big part of my life and it was not nice watching what was going on. Once Ole got the job, I dropped him a message of congratulations.
 I gave him my feelings on what needed to change, speaking to some of the players.

"The first thing as get the lads enjoying playing football, that's what they wanted. Ole's the guy to get them doing that.

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"It wasn't just the players, it was the whole football club. I'm sure Ed Woodward was the same as the staff, the kitchen ladies, the kit man, everyone, they were not enjoying it."

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