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Mario Balotelli's agent says he will leave Liverpool 'for €60-70m - or die there'

Why always him? Mario Balotelli's agent has attracted a number of headlines in Italy after a frank interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

Mino Raiola insisted that the forward had no desire to move before the window shuts on Monday - but said Balotelli is "very disappointed" with how his career has begun at Liverpool.

Raiola said: "The plan is to continue at Anfield. I saw him Monday and told him: 'You have a 4 year contract and I won't bring you away. Either you leave Liverpool at €60-70 million, and I won my bet, or you'll die there'.

"It's the first time I make a speech like that to a player. I've seen him quiet, changed, different than Milan.

"Very disappointed with himself, too. He's going through a bad time like he never had. In Liverpool he hasn't his spaces: if you don't make things as they want, you stay out. Then he was broken for eight weeks, he lost the rhythm."

Raiola believes Balotelli has not been treated fairly by the media and claims that the former striker is "insecure".

"Of all the players I knew I've never met one forced to face the injustices suffered by Mario," Raiola said. "People don't know him but the truth is that Mario is an insecure boy, and it's down to his insecurity that maybe he does stupid things."

Balotelli played for City between 2010 and 2013 before being sold to Milan, where he scored 26 goals in 43 appearances.

However, the pressure at Milan ultimately proved too much for Balotelli, according to Raiola.

"AC Milan needed a leader," Raiola said. "But he is not a leader, and it is also wrong to ask him to be one.

"There are very strong players who have no leadership skills, others less strong that do."

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