Sunday 13 October 2019

WATCH: Irritated Jose Mourinho allows his true feelings to pour out in tense interview after Brighton defeat

Jose Mourinho’s men were well beaten at Brighton (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Jose Mourinho’s men were well beaten at Brighton (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was philosophical in his Sky Sports interview after his side's 3-2 defeat at Brighton on Sunday, but he was not so composed when he spoke to Arab network beIN Sports.

Clearly agitated by the opening question from the interviewer suggesting the display at the AMEX Stadium was not what is expected of a United side, he quickly reverted to monosyllabic answers that confirmed he was not keen to continue the interview.

"Manchester United are a team with a big reputation," began the interviewer, before he concluded her opening question with this pertinent question. "Was that performance befitting of a Manchester United side?"

"We made mistakes and we were punished by the mistakes," said Mourinho, clearly keen to end the exchange as quickly as possible.

When the interviewer suggested there was "not enough communication and chemistry" in his side after a lacklustre performance, he offered up this dismissive response.

"You must be fantastic in your job to have the ability to, from the stands, speak about chemistry between players," he replied.

The interview ended moments later and while this is hardly the first time Mourinho has looked unhappy in a post match press conference, it was evidence of his growing discomfort in his role at United.

Mourinho then went into his open media conference, as he insisted he did not need to help the media to spin negativity after a woeful result that cast a cloud over the club just two games into the new season.

"If I was in your position (the media), I think this game today would give me quite a lot of material to write about. But don’t expect me to speak with you about it," he stated.

"Because you and your colleagues were really critical of me when in previous seasons I was probably too honest and too open in my analysing and I was too honest and too open in analysing about players’ performances.

"So don’t ask me to do what you criticised me so much for. Expect from me to be really happy to say after Leicester, A,B,C, D, an amazing performance, this and that. Don’t expect me to go in the other direction."

If Mourinho was not feeling the heat at United long before the defeat at Brighton, he is now giving off all the signs of a manager struggling to find excuses for his side's failings.

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