Thursday 17 January 2019

Mourinho: City sealing title wouldn't be end of the world

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA

James Ducker

Jose Mourinho has told Manchester United supporters it would not be "the end of the world" if Manchester City beat them to clinch the Premier League title at the Etihad Stadium this evening and reminded them that the club have bounced back from similar disappointments.

Mourinho's Chelsea defeated United 3-0 at Stamford Bridge in April 2006 to secure a second-successive championship, but Alex Ferguson's side reacted by winning the first of three consecutive titles the following season.

Asked if he had a message for United fans desperate to avoid the embarrassment of watching City win the title this evening, Mourinho said: "Look, I won the title at Chelsea against Manchester United

"We beat United 3-0 and we won the title at Stamford Bridge in 2005-06. But it was not the end of the world.

"Manchester United didn't finish. It was just football.

"The only thing I can say is that we want to win, we don't want to offer them the game.

"We want to go there and want to compete and win the match.

"It is normal that you want to delay the champions becoming champions. We would like to beat them, we would like Tottenham Hotspur to beat them.

"I think Chelsea would feel the same because they would like to be (reigning) champions for as long as possible.

"That is normal in football but, in this case, (City) are going to be champions because there is a very significant difference."

Although City can win the title tonight, they would not be presented with the trophy until the home game against Huddersfield Town on May 6.

Mourinho (left) - who cut a truculent figure as he fielded questions about City's supremacy - said the table did not lie and that City's 16-point advantage over United was an accurate reflection of the gulf between the sides.

"The table is always a fair reflection," the United manager explained.

"In the end, what matters is what happens in the reality of the points and City will be champions because they deserve to be.

"I think they are going to beat Chelsea's (record) total from 2004-05 (of 95 points) and that does not make it easy for the other teams.

"In our case, I think we have eight points more than last season, more goals scored and less goals conceded, but Manchester City made it impossible for the others.

"The moment they become champions, which will be sooner rather than later, I will react the same way that other people reacted when I won three titles in this country." (© The Daily Telegraph, London)

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